NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis)

NASH is an advanced form of NAFLD (Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). It means fat cells are intermixed with the cells of your liver and have caused damage. Almost everyone has fat on their liver, but there is not enough research as to why, sometimes fat becomes part of your liver. It is the second leading cause of liver transplantation after Hep C.

The statistics are rather frightening. 25% f all American's will develop Fatty Liver Disease. Of those 25%, 25% will develop NASH, And of those 25%, around 25% will develop cirrhosis due to NASH. It usually hits people at middle age, but children have been known to develop it. It is usually blamed on obesity, but you don't need to be obese.

OK thats the clinical stuff. NASH sucks. If you can catch it before too much damage is done, it can be reversed, but many times, it's not caught until it's too late. I personally blame that on the fact that blood work isn't done often enough to catch high enzymes and imaging is only done when there seems to be a problem. More and better preventive measures would save lives down the line.

Until Jamey was diagnosed with NASH, there was no routine pediatric blood work. Ed only gets it now because of his brothers condition. I know a lot of parents don't like needle jabs, but NASH is a silent killer, wouldn't you prefer to know before it's too late?

Some research is testing for a genetic link, but it's still in the research phase. Some countries are looking towards stem cells for a cure, which would be a blessing to many. Also still in the research phase. More money and research need to go into finding a cure for what can affect 25% of the people in this country.

I will do my best to keep this page updated with new research links and such as the word spreads.

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