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I feel like poo warmed over. I've been getting cluster headaches since the boys were little. I've always referred to them as all the fun of being shot in the head without the messy clean up. And thats what they feel like. It's not constant, they're like a sudden burst when theres a flash of light, a loud noise that I can't block out, or randomly whenever my brain feels the need to kick me in the head.

 Part of them is a mind fog that last for days both before and after. I can't remember words, I forget what I'm doing. I feel like a complete ditz. I usually can tell a day or so before one comes on, unless of course I'm preoccupied with something going on with Jamey, Mom or Ed. It's not a good feeling. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent woman, despite my lack of college degree  My spelling is awful, but forgetting words and putting them in the wrong context is not me.

They bring all the fun things migraines usually do. Nausea, sensitivity to light, eye sight changes. And nothing works on them. I've tried opioids (I watched chairs melt), NSAIDS (they work to take the edge off), and rescue headache medication (mind fog wowzers) Sometimes, massive amounts of caffeine will work, if I get it before it takes hold. BUT if my darling children allow me to sleep, thats the best cure.  It really should not be an issue since they are 19 and 14, but... Mothers will understand that. Mom is who knows whats going on, not Dad, even when he does....



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I guess I'm actually supposed to fill this out. I'm a passionate medical mom of a 19 year old liver/CRPS patient. My goal with my blog is to raise awareness for his conditions. And to hash out my feelings about it. There are a lot of raw emotions when your life is suddenly stalled by any illness, let alone your child's illness. 

I'm also attempting to either "find myself" or "remake myself". So much of my time and energy goes into caring for both my mother (end stage COPD) and son, along with trying to be Mom to my younger son and a wife, that most of the time I feel lost. I tend to put myself on a back burner and right now I'm burning out. 

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