The Daily Truth 12/14

I am so totally sick of fighting for everything and having to count on others. At least 90% of the time, the ones who never should let me down, do. Not having any down time is exhausting. I always have to be one step in front of everyone else or things completely fall apart. And lately, they seem to be falling around my ears.

So today's Daily Truth is a Pity Me, my life is pathetic post. But, honestly, would it be too hard for anyone else to at least make sure Mom takes her meds, or makes her appointments? When did I get put in charge of making sure she pays the bills? Why can't a 71 year old man and a 46 year old man put a dish in the sink when I don't let the 14 year old get away with it?

I'm tired. I'm aching all over and everything is getting on my nerves today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

On a happy note, baby Wyatt got his call today! Surgery s to start at midnight. A true blessing! AND Kyree s recovering and Lucas looks fantastic. Happy updates all around there today.



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I guess I'm actually supposed to fill this out. I'm a passionate medical mom of a 19 year old liver/CRPS patient. My goal with my blog is to raise awareness for his conditions. And to hash out my feelings about it. There are a lot of raw emotions when your life is suddenly stalled by any illness, let alone your child's illness. 

I'm also attempting to either "find myself" or "remake myself". So much of my time and energy goes into caring for both my mother (end stage COPD) and son, along with trying to be Mom to my younger son and a wife, that most of the time I feel lost. I tend to put myself on a back burner and right now I'm burning out. 

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