OK So I am REALLY late 12/12 Let's Chat

And I'm recycling graphics, but I really do like these. It's been a day.

So Mr. Attitude J has been throwing up quite often lately. Today is was green. I know that means bile. I now what all it could mean. He refuses to go to the ER and since he's 19, there's not a darned thing I can do. But I can call his psychiatrist. And I will. He may not be able to tell me anything Jamey says during an appointment, but he does listen when theres an issue. I adore the guy, seriously. 

You will be happy to know that when my mother walked in, I had the mantle and the entertainment system decorated. I put enough clutter together artfully so that I didn't think she would complain. It wasn't enough. I was flabbergasted. I drove everyone nuts getting that stuff. Ed actually left. (He's so my kid.) And it wasn't enough. Wel, I'm not dragging out more. It's decorated, it looks nice. Nothing will ever be enough. Thats the fact of my life. 

Apparently I need to cut this short because my husband can't follow the rules on if you go to bed first, you are responsible for getting Jamey's meds. I will have to reteach him while fighting the urge to yell. Nah, it's just a little annoyance. I wont really yell. Loudly at least. 



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I guess I'm actually supposed to fill this out. I'm a passionate medical mom of a 19 year old liver/CRPS patient. My goal with my blog is to raise awareness for his conditions. And to hash out my feelings about it. There are a lot of raw emotions when your life is suddenly stalled by any illness, let alone your child's illness. 

I'm also attempting to either "find myself" or "remake myself". So much of my time and energy goes into caring for both my mother (end stage COPD) and son, along with trying to be Mom to my younger son and a wife, that most of the time I feel lost. I tend to put myself on a back burner and right now I'm burning out. 

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